Rev It Up w/ Yury Revich


Can a violin Rev it up? In the hands of Yury Revich it certainly can.  Let’s find out more about this violinist from Austria, how he got started, his top performances and the instrument of choice.


Yury RevichSB (StarBeat): Overture: How did you get started playing the violin?

YR (Yury Revich): I had no choice (laughing)! I’m the 4th generation violinist and violin was with me since I was a baby.

I’m very happy though I’m able play it and it’s part of my life 🙂


SB: Highlights: What are some of your favourite past performances?

YR: Hmmm all! I try to make each of my concerts memorable for my audience and myself.

I try to connect with every single person in the audience and inspire them and share the wonderful energy of music making.


SB: Classics: Why do you thing classical music still relates to people in the modern day?

YR: Any good music relates to anyone: it’s universal language, and in most of the cases it’s a language of peace :

Instrumental music is connecting people.


SB: Antique: Can you tell us a bit about your violin? Is it really from 1709?

Yury RevichYR: Yes, I’m so happy to play on a Stradivarius violin from the year 1709 – thanks so much to the Goh Family Foundation for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to play on this wonderful instrument.


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