Riverband w/ Michael Bernard Fitzgerald


Canadian singer songwriter Michael Bernard Fitzgerald connects with us about his music and shares his new single ‘Our River’ which proves to be a great message for the times.


SB (StarBeat): Jump in: What got you into the music game?

MBF (Michael Bernard Fitzgerald): I just started writing, for some reason I was drawn to write and sing things that I’d made up. I started playing shows and things progressed over time, eventually it shifted into a career, and it’s been such a fun time. So many great memories so far.


Michael Bernard Fitzgerald


SB: Float: As a songwriter, where do the lyrics and melodies come from?

MBF: I have no idea, I’ve never had a refined method when it comes to writing. Some of my songs start with a word, some with a melody, some with the guitar. I love all of the ways an idea can start becoming a song. These days I try to play through a new idea over and over, allowing it to shift and vary with each time I play it.


Michael Bernard FitzgeraldSB: Fresh: Your new single ‘Our River’ feels quite timely with what’s happening in the world. Did it come before or was it inspired by current events?

MBF: I totally agree with you, that has come up in several interviews around the song so far –  I find it interesting that the song seems to fit in our current worl​d​.

I wrote the song spring of 2019, and we had decided to release it as the first song from ‘Love Valley’ before our world shifted. I’m very thankful that we were able to release it –

Thankful for the response too.


SB: Current: I saw something cool on your website, can you tell us about your ‘Summer Nights’ series?

MBF: I built a little venue in my backyard with the hope of playing micro shows – I wanted ​t​o find a way to put on a show with people again. The uptake has been wild – In about 5 hours we sold out 41 mini concerts. They start Wednesday June 3rd, more information at michaelbernardfitzgerald.com .


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