Rock & Riff w/ Griffin Tucker


Let’s Rock out with Griffin Tucker who is breathing new life in to the classic rock and roll genre. Find out about his experience on TV, his musical message and who he views as his idol.


Griffin TuckerSB (StarBeat): Jotting: I know you are a writer have you written all of your songs, or are some co-written?

GT (Griffin Tucker): Until I released Beautiful Disaster, I had written all the music for my originals.


SB: Ideas: Where does your inspiration come from when writing?

GT: My inspiration for writing depends on what artist or band I’m into at the time. And it’s pretty obvious when you listen to each of my songs who I was into at that time. For example, I was really into Wings when I wrote WHO TO BE … & was really into AC/DC when I wrote GET OUTTA MY HEAD.


SB: Meanings: You have a new song out called, Beautiful Disaster. What was your idea for this song, and what does it mean to you?

GT: Beautiful Disaster reflects my perspective on life. Life is not always easy and isn’t always what you expect it to be but you have to find the good in it because it’s in there. There’s a reason for everything that happens – you just have to find lesson.


SB: Do-it-all: I have seen your music videos, do you really play every instrument?

GT: Absolutely!

SB: OK Then: How many instruments do you play?

GT: Drums, guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele, piano, keys, & I sing. I want to learn violin & banjo & get better on harmonica.

SB: Building: Are you producing your music too?

GT: Yes, I have learned a lot about producing and recording and mixing and mastering. So yes I have gotten more involved in those aspects of the recording process.  I hope to get better at all that & learn more so I can continue to control the ultimate sound on my music.


Griffin TuckerSB: Top Pick: You have a lot of amazing songs out, which is the most requested?

GT: That’s tough to answer because everyone has their own favorite original. And that is really cool to know that everybody likes a different song. My personal favorite is still “Believe It”. It’s a great song & a great representation of who I am as an artist and it’s really fun to play live.


SB: Group: You have a great band. have the members been with you for a while? Are you adding more?

GT: My band, the Real Rock Revolution is amazing. Patrick Smith on bass and Larry Clemon Jr. on drums. They are about as solid of a rhythm section as you can ask for!


SB: Inspire: What about music in general? Who do you look up to?

GT: Paul McCartney is my idol & inspiration – what a life & legacy of rock he has created.  

That’s what I want to do.


SB: Competing: What was it like being on The Voice & American Idol?

GT: Idol was very different from The Voice.  Each was an interesting experience – I think that is the nicest way to say it … Those talent shows are TV shows first.

Everything is preplanned and predetermined. But it’s cool because I made a lot of new friends and people still recognize me. But there’s no way I would go back and do either of them again b/c I don’t think they really help with an artists’ career.


Griffin TuckerSB: Horizon: What do you have coming up that your fans should be on the look out for?

GT: There will be new music coming out – I can’t wait for everyone to hear my next original – it’s the best song I’ve done so far … it’s called LEAD ME. Be sure to follow me on social media to get the release dates of the song, the lyric video & the official video.


SB: Deets: Where can people find your music and keep up with you?

GT: My website has everything


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