Rolling On w/ Dany Laj and the Looks


Let’s take a look and and have some fun with the retro rock & roll vibe of Dany Laj and the Looks and ask the hard questions about which instrument is top dog and does Canadian rock & roll even exist.


SB (StarBeat): Quick Start: Who is Dany and what are the Looks?

DLL (Dany Laj and the Looks): Dany is a rock ‘n roller bursting out of the bush in northern Ontario, in Canada. The Looks are Jeanette Dowling on Bass at all times, Dusty Campbell on drums but we have band members all over the continent depending on the situation. The Looks are Dany’s family that help him through his rock ‘n roll crusade.


Dany Laj and the LooksSB: Existence: Is there such a thing as Canadian Rock & Roll?

DLL: Since you are in Vancouver, we can help you in that corner of the world. The Smugglers, The Doers, Limblifter, Uptights, Synchromantics, Maow, Total Shock, DOA, CUB, The Evaporators, Chain Whip, Pointed Sticks, Young Canadians, Needles//Pins, Pack A.D, Autogramm, just to name a few. All Canadian, all from Vancouver and all fantastic rock ‘n roll. Also check out Neon Waste & Red Cat Records! Support your local record stores!  


SB: Top Dog: Is guitar the most important instrument? Time for a thesis defence…

DLL: In rock ‘n roll we’d like to think so. Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Link Wray, Chuck Berry and Poison Ivy have all proved it to be true but then again Little Richard is the true king of rock ‘n roll and he plays piano. What gives?  


Dany Laj and the LooksSB: Playing: Any pastimes other than music? I’ve heard you may be a gamer type?

DLL: Dany has been trying to get better at handling the Yoyo and Jeanette has been mastering  Animal Crossing. We are pretty sure Dusty is going to turn into a lightning bolt with his mad Yoga skills. The others have been txting us jokes and pictures of their daily lives which we will keep in secrecy for now.  


SB: Retro: Your video has a little retro vibe – what era would you most want to go back to?

DLL: We’d be trying too hard if we tried to say that it wasn’t a 60’s vibe. 🙂


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