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Today we’re chatting with Canadian country duo Rosewood Ave on how they got together, what it’s like as a duo and their new single ‘Fool for Love’.


SB (StarBeat): Intros: Can you let us know how you two came together?

RA (Rosewood Avenue): It all started in 2006 when Dave moved across the street from Sabrina when they were 15 years old. Sabrina had heard a clip of Dave playing guitar and wanted to know who this new guy was that lived across the street. We finally met through some mutual friends and hit it off right away. We became best friends and we would often get together for casual music jams. Eventually, the feelings for one another grew fonder so we took a chance on love and decided to start dating early 2009.

The rest is history.


Rosewood Ave


SB: Musical Life: Married and singing together – harmony or off tune?

RA: Love that question! For this one, Dave insisted that Sabrina answers, LOL. We’d be lying if we said it didn’t come with some challenges; but with all honesty, music is what brought us together and what will keep us together. Sharing the same passion and dream for music is something special that we feel blessed to have.


SB: Left Turn: In 2020 live music went online – how did you pivot for that time?

RA: We actually had a show scheduled March 16th, 2020 that was cancelled on the first weekend that the pandemic hit. Livestreams weren’t as popular at the time but we had previously talked about the idea of doing live streams. That’s when we came up with the idea of still doing our show but with the help of Facebook live. Word quickly spread and before you knew it, we were doing live streams every Saturday in front of people all over the world. Since the pandemic hit, we were able to reach over 2 million video views on our Facebook page. Coming from a small town in Northern Ontario, it was so amazing to be able to reach so many people and to share music through such a difficult time.


Rosewood Ave


SB: Fresh Sheet: You have a new single ‘Fool for Love’ – can you tell us about this project?

RA: We’re so excited to have finally released our very first single “Fool For Love”. First off, working with the legendary producer Garth Fundis (Trisha Yearwood, Sugarland) was a dream come true and an experience of a lifetime. Garth’s experience producing amazing ballads paired with some of the best Nashville musicians made the song truly come alive. “Fool For Love” was written by Doug Johnson (Randy Travis, Kenny Rogers) and Rebecca Lynn Howard (Martina McBride, Runaway June). We connected to the song the first time we heard it and we knew that it had to be our first single. It’s a love song that tells the story of vulnerability and taking a chance on love. We really feel like so many people can relate to the song such as we have. “Fool For Love” is a song that showcases our vocal chemistry, our love for eachother and country music. We’ve had nothing but amazing feedback and it’s truly been an amazing experience in the release of our very first single!


SB: Throwback: Favourite Shania Twain song and why?

RA: Growing up 1 hour away from Shania’s hometown of Timmins, Shania has always been an inspiration. Sabrina’s first song she ever played in public was a Shania song. It’s a tough call but “Woman in Me” is our top favourite. The harmonies, lyrics and vocals are so beautiful and emotional. We drew a lot of inspiration from this song when recording “Fool for Love”.


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