Sir Skitzo Mania Sweeps The Nation


Dr. Crowd’s Official Diagnosis: This Kid is Sick!

Sir Skitzo ran away with the StarBeat Top Talent in Canada Title and best ever International All-Time points score on our StarBoard. Canada just promoted Sir Skitzo into our luxury upper suite. The Boss got skillz & digitz to stay there, for a long, long time.


SB (StarBeat): Mr. Sir Skitzo, congratulations on your promotion. May we proceed with our agenda?
SS (Sir Skitzo): … … (He nods.)




SB: Yo Boss, the mic is on – voilà d’beat:
da-duh-da-da, da-duh-da-da, da-da-duh-da, da-duh-da-da…


SS (Sir Skitzo):
Thanks for congratulating me for being Canada’s,
Number one Talent just by rapping on a Camera.
It’s crazy that it happened but I always had the stamina,
to keep my mind focused and be shining in the capita.


SB: You infected our contest in the 2nd week and started a StarBeat epidemic with no regard for living species. Just blazed our StarBoard and torched our servers. (How rude Sir! We’ll get you back, I mean… we got your back.) Tell us a what went through your head, early on. Slo-mo replay, in 3,2,…

SS: Honestly, the amount of emails I get letting me know about contests and the amount I’ve attempted to join in the past were immense. I never thought I even had a fraction of the chance as others, (Judging by some vocal skills that I’ve seen.) Anyways, I gave it a shot and within 2 hours my brain went blank, the StarBeat website was completely down from the amount of people trying to vote for me and I couldn’t believe what was happening!


SB: Pretty sure you annihilated every ‘S’ word in Alliteration. U swallow a dictionary or something? Tell us how the $#@!… (For those that are not familiar with your ill skills, we highly recommend watching Alphabet Insanity (Sir Skitzo) on YouTube.)

SS: Haha, well I found that writing and rapping a normal song was to easy! I had a lot of my fans suggest trying to rap without using certain letters (ie. E, A, U etc.) So I decided to one up them and try to use as many S words as I could! The best part is the song was named Alliteration and the format was using Alliteration!


SB: Sir Skitzo, so you scooped $2,500 & swept some $150… swiftly. (Oh man, we should really take this out… but we won’t.) So, where do you drop’em digits? (Ahmm, I better pad my resume quick.) SOS ASAP!

SS: *laughs* I plan to take my money and upgrade my studio setup! Deck out my room completely in isolation foam and get the equipment I’ve always dreamed to use, best part is I won’t need to go to a studio to record. I’ll have my own.


SB: As an accomplished leader and a renowned people’s political advocate, Sir Skitzo [unnecessary pause] give us your three!–point!–plan! to save THE WORLD. (Mic on yo’lips.)

SS: Over the past few years I’ve noticed Hip-Hop has been in a steady decline. Artists rapping about violence, money, and overusing auto tune to the point you cant even understand a single word they’re saying! These are just a few points of course, so I plan to steer the genre back into what it was when it began. A place for people to relieve stress and let out their emotions in art!


SB: Yes’sir Skitzo! We dig that, sir. But… Chase Halverson. Ear Falls, Ontario. Tell us like it is. Give us a slice so we can taste the truth.

CH: I always grew up in small towns. I recently moved away from my parents last year to deal with a 3-year relationship that came to an end. At first, when I moved I wasn’t happy at all, but over the course of 6 months, I can honestly say my life is getting better! My Channel is going great, making new friends, and keeping a level head on my shoulders!




SB: Vital Stats & Statuses?

SS: Not exactly sure what you mean, by stats I could brag about my subscribers and views and la la la la. But I’d rather mention on how I’ve built a family that supports my music! No matter what I try the supporters are always wanting more! So that really pushes me to continue!


SB: Shameless plug, where do We the People buy yourssss-stuff:

SS: You can purchase any of my songs and albums EVERYWHERE! By that, I mean every online music store. ie, ITunes, Play Store, Spotify, Amazon etc. The list is by far too big to remember haha, just look up Sir Skitzo and I’m sure you’ll find something!


SB: Whoa, whoa, take it easy there Boss! Shall we wrap?

SS: Thanks for letting me be apart of the competition! I’ve seen A LOT of insanely talented Canadians that I plan to collaborate with and help give them some more promotion that they highly deserve!


SB: Thank You Sir Chase! We love your work and we are thrilled to have virtually met.

Sir Skitzo, If you are ever in Vancouver, don’t forget us. We’ll put together some Vancouver Fans and go for some drinks. Fizzy pop, of course. (When we are in Ontario, we’ll hunt you down… but we’ll never sit on your sofa.)
Starbeat is LIT for having this contest!



SB: Well, thank you Sir. It was our pleasure.
(slowly exits BOSS’ office)

Hey StarBeat’ers!
Swarm Sir Skitzo and torch his servers.



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Snapchat: Skitzosir


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