Sliding In w/ Ark Woods

Let’s check in with funk / rapper Ark Woods on his unique sound, what he wants to convey in his music and his new song ‘Slide On You’ streaming soon.



Ark WoodsSB (StarBeat): Your music seems very ‘smooth’ – What’s the musical vibe you’re going for?

AW (Ark Woods): I don’t think I’m really “going for” anything. I just make songs I like, but I guess if I had to put a label on what we have out now, I’d classify it as a mixture of Neo-funk and older-school rap. I love singing on a hook, but I think I got mad bars too and I want to showcase it at earliest opportunity. If I get you up out of your seat dancing, I did my job.


SB: You touch on some very deep topics – do you think music can reach out in ways other mediums can’t?

AW: I don’t think music is this transcendent thing that can do more or less than any other mediums. I know artists that can make people cry with the use of a certain shade of blue. It would be self-centered and egotistical to think that music is something more or less special than any other art form, but I will not hesitate to try and throw my truest feelings into a song if I feel like it would even reach one person in any way.


SB: What’s this new song ‘Slide On You’ all about?

AW: The song itself is purely fun, talking about, in my case, a girl, and people can relate to all the ways one can consensually try to court someone, and the general feelings that one would go through, basically a depiction of the emotional rollercoaster of the dating world.

I try to have all of my music feel something.


Ark Woods


SB: What kind of things do you have planned coming up?

AW: Well first things first, we got the music video for this song coming out very soon, so keep an eye out for that. Also we have new music and more content always dropping, but more importantly we’re working on something real big, and if you’re along for the ride, you’ll be there when it happens.


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