Sliding to Music w/ Wyatt C. Louis

We are checking in with folk singer-songwriter Wyatt C. Louis today to see how the music found him, how he came to his current style and the story behind his new single ‘Dancing With Sue’. 


SB (StarBeat): Bio Sheet: Can you give us a quick intro – who is Wyatt C. Louis?

WCL (Wyatt C. Louis): I am a nêhiyaw folk singer-songwriter. Originally from Treaty 6, now residing in Moh’kinstsís Treaty 7 (Calgary, Alta). I just released a new single ‘Dancing with Sue’ via Canadian label, Slow Weather.

Wyatt C. Louis


SB: Beginnings: What drew you to music and singing?

WCL: I owe a lot to my parents. Music and connection to the arts has had a strong presence, growing up. Participating in several choirs along the way has played a huge part in the development of my voice and ear.  


SB: Definition: How did you come to or define your current music style?

WCL: I was lucky enough to experience the music program at Red Deer College, graduating in 2016. Looking back now, those few years were so crucial in regards to identity. Performance was heavily encouraged and I think I took advantage of that. The feedback from peers and colleagues, helped shape the vision.

I’m constantly learning more about myself. I pick up on a lot of people’s energy, and for that I’m thankful to be surrounded by artists who are open-minded and focus on inclusivity.


Wyatt C. Louis


SB: Instrumentation: Favourite instrument to accompany if you had to pick one?

WCL: A tuned to D-standard acoustic guitar.


Wyatt C. LouisSB: Newness: Can you tell us about your current single ‘Dancing With Sue’?

WCL: Dancing With Sue is a song that cherishes many memories and feelings, a song yourself could instantly relate to. It’s about nostalgia, and yearning for the times in our lives where we feel the happiest and most free.

The chorus bounces between the sun and the moon, representing the sun’s influence and strength, and the moon’s admiration and powerful feminine energy. It’s an ode to the many influential and strong female teachers, in my life.

Wyatt C. Louis: Composer, Guitar, Voice, Percussion
Phenix Warren: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Pedal Steel, Guitar, Omnichord
Brett McCrady: Guitar
Keath Mueller: Trumpet
Maxwell McFadyen: Bass
Kyle Donauer: Drums, Percussion
Jonathan Anderson: Mastering
Shaun Miller: Artwork


Wyatt on Social: 



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