Slow Rock w/ Fast River


Hey let’s check in with indie band Fast River and find out how they came to be, about their first live show coming up and the top outfit choice.


SB (StarBeat): Forming: How did the Fast River band come together?

FR (Fast River): We formed during quarantine and started writing remotely…we were all friends beforehand so it was a natural fit of friends banding (no pun) together to make music.


Fast RiverSB: Direction: Where did the band get their influences from?

FR: We’re an indie rock band so we blend old school and new school – our goal is to make music that people can really lose themselves in – that someone can come to a Fast River show and forget the troubles of the week for 2 hours while the music is going or have one of our albums accompany them on a road trip.


SB: Timing: Morning birds or Night owls?

FR: Doug, Canyon, Dan & Andrew are all night owls. Andrew, Dylan and Corey are morning birds. We expect this to create an incredibly challenging dichotomy when we start touring as a band.


SB: Showtime: We hear you have your first show coming up – how are the preparations going?

FR: Yes! We’re playing at Daryl’s House which is an amazing venue owned by Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve been a fan of that venue (which also happens to have the most amazing soundman ever, Peter Moshay) for a while and to have our first show as a band be on that stage is a real honor. It’s been a fun process to rehearse songs that we’ve only played remotely and get ready to play live for the first time – we’ve got some surprises ready to go!


Fast RiverSB: Classic: Who would wear a leopard print outfit the best?

FR: Corey is the leopard print king in this band. He’s currently looking for leopard print shoes but can’t find anything in a size 13.


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