Smiling w/ Dollie Meredith


Who is the youngest of four, loves the colour pink and chips & queso, and has just released their first original music video? The answer is Dollie Meredith from Huntsville, Alabama and she’s on a mission to remind us all to ‘Smile’. StarBeat is excited to have the first interview with this young artist who is just on her way up.  


SB (StarBeat): Quick Profile: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

DM (Dollie Meredith): I am from Huntsville, Alabama and I have THREE older brothers! I’m in the ninth grade and I’m trying a new approach to education this year by attending a virtual school. It’s similar to home school but gives me more time to practice music and work with my coaches. It’s a big leap for me because I’ve been with the same school friends since kindergarten. I love animals and have two dogs and a sweet old calico cat named Skittles.


Dollie Meredith


Dollie MeredithSB: First Timers: When did you write your first song?

DM: I wrote my first song when my middle brother Davis left to attend West Point. We were still at war in Afghanistan and I was so upset and worried about him. Not to mention the fact that I missed him and our oldest brother Blake a ton.

When I get upset or anxious I often doodle and I write… somehow that becomes a song! I write when I’m happy too!


SB: Intake: What artists do you find inspiration from?

DM: Boy George is my all time favorite and I recently saw him in concert! I actually listen to a lot of different genres. I grew up listening with my family to Pink Floyd, Rush, Elvis, String Cheese Incident, Webb Wilder (ever heard of him?) and soundtracks to almost every musical! We try to go to concerts as often as possible.

And yes I’ve seen Dolly Parton in concert!


Dollie MeredithSB: Off Duty: When you’re not doing music what might we find you doing?

DM: I play tennis! I knit a little bit. And I enjoy being with my friends. I LOVE to snow board but there’s not a lot of that in Alabama. I love hanging with “the brothers” even the youngest Robert. He’s 21 and we like to call him Troll!


SB: Be yourself: Do you have a preference between singing covers or original music?

DM: Original music for SURE! It’s a great feeling to hear something that used to only be an idea in my head, come to life!


SB: Bonus: Any current obsessions?

DM: I’m crazy about sunglasses! I don’t think I could ever have too many pairs!


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