Sneaky Strings w/ Antoine Boyer


Guitarist Antoine Boyer – hailing from France – knows how to make the classical strings sing. Let’s find out how he got started, his inspirations and how he discovered his niche. 



SB (StarBeat): Attraction: What drew you to learning to play the guitar?

AB (Antoine Boyer): My father simply asked me if I would like to start guitar, I was 6, I just said yes ! And there we started together, with the same teacher.


Antoine Boyer


SB: Classics: You didn’t go the typical Rock direction, what led you to Jazz and Classical music?

AB: I started guitar with the « gypsy Jazz » style, which is quite close in some ways to « traditional » jazz, and later (when I was 14) I started classical guitar.


Antoine Boyer


SB: Study: Do you think musicians ever ‘graduate’ or stop learning new things?

AB: I don’t think so… I guess we all keep trying, make mistakes, and learn, even after 50 years of guitar. I hope 🙂


SB: Best: What has been your favourite performance or event to date?

AB: I don’t have any favorite… every performance is different from the others. Some feel better than others of course, different place, different audience… But there are so many experiences where I had so much fun, I couldn’t say I prefer one or another.


Antoine Boyer


SB: Interest: What non-musical things influence your music and composing?

AB: I think a way of living and thinking (or non-thinking !). The way I live the experiences, react to events, eat, sleep, etc.. will influence my music, so I try to keep a certain balance.



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