Soaring Music w/ Irene Skylakaki


Let’s soar through the music with singer songwriter Irene Skylakaki as she talks to us about the making of her newest album ‘Matterless’ and her wishes for her musical message.



SB (StarBeat): Introductions: Can you give us a quick bio?

IS (Irene Skylakaki): I’m originally from Athens, Greece and I have been living in London for the past few years pursuing music. I have released three albums so far, ‘Wrong Direction’ (2012), Before Dawn (2014) and Matterless (2018).


Irene Skylakaki


SB: Messaging: What do you hope to convey in your music?

IS: When I write music, especially when I write something I like, (which is not always the case), I feel better through the process and get great pleasure from listening to something I think is beautiful. The thrill I get from listening to music is what I would like to convey to others through my songs.


Irene SkylakakiSB: Triple Threat: ‘Matterless’ is your third album, what was different about this experience maybe versus your first album?


IS: My first album was written with no major expectations. It was a result of ‘synchronicity’, writing music and being at the right place at the right time. My third album had a much clearer creative intention.


SB: Creations: Where do song ideas come from for you?

IS: They come from the heart. And the guitar and melodies help the ideas come to life. It’s a therapeutic process for me. But ultimately it’s a way of having fun on my own.


SB: Outside: What are your pursuits outside of music?

IS: I like to paint, but I’ve also studied law to be on the safe side and make my parents happy.


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