Sound On w/ Sondrey

Sondrey is an R&B/Soul-artist situated in Lillehammer, where he is currently attending the music college known as LIMPI MUSIC (Lillehammer Institute of Music Production). He is excited about his upcoming new single “Scars Go Deeper” which is set to be released on the 19th of October. Let’s find out more about his musical start, his influences and his singing preferences.


SB: Quick Intro: Who is Sondrey?

S: I’m from a little town known as Øyer in Norway. I have a twin sister that I love very much and have a huge passion for music. I grew up in church which enabled me to learn and play the guitar, piano and drums. Later on I started developing my voice, that’s where I found the real passion for music.




SB: True Beginnings: When did you write your first song?

S: I wrote my first song when I was 10 years old. And it sucked, haha. It was about my first heartbreak, so I just started writing my feelings down on a piece of paper. Looking back at it now, I see that the reason why music is such a big thing for me is because I get the opportunity to release my feelings and inner demons.  




SB: Explore Page: What artist do you find inspiration from?

S: I find my inspiration from several artists, but first and foremost is Michael Jackson. He’s the KING OF POP. I grew with listening to G-unit and 50 cent, then I switched over to John Mayer and Cold Play. Now a days I listen to Tory Lanez, The Weeknd and Bryson Tiller.


SondreySB: After Class: When you’re not doing music what might we find you doing?

S: You might find me on the track. I used to be a 100 and 200m sprinter, but now I only workout to stay in shape.


SB: Originality: Do you have a preference between singing covers or original music?

S: I prefer singing original music, but sometimes I might do a cover if the song really hits me “in the feels.”


Sondrey on Social: 

Snapchat: sondreyofficial


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