Springtime Fresh Music Friday

Need some fresh music to stream while you are walking through the spring blossoms? Well check out the new stuff from the StarBeat’ers below-


Let’s start with an original release from Denis Coleman called ‘Tangerine’.

In his words ‘I wrote Tangerine about the truth that comes out in the night. After a certain hour, all the facades we build to hide our insecurities, our fears, our desires crumble down leaving nothing but our genuine self. Tangerine describes that feeling of knowing that someone is fighting their own demons and wanting to help but realising that you still have to be patient. If you bite too soon, they might lash out. But like the tangerine which seems like an ordinary fruit with a rough skin at first, getting to know them is worth it because behind the barriers they put up, they are a genuinely sweet person. That being said, the beauty of Tangerine is that everyone can attach their own meaning to it.’


SB Feature: https://starbeat.tv/pop-rocks-w-denis-coleman/


Next up is a new release from Meghan Timony called ‘All of These Lies’ which is a duet with Roakii. It’s an upbeat but chill vibe for your nice walk through the trees or along the trail.

Meghan Timony
Meghan Timony and Roakii – All of These Lies


SB Feature: https://starbeat.tv/catching-time-w-meghan-timony/

And now for a quick reminder of winter – a super stripped down song recorded in a cold warehouse – check out Amistat and ‘Build A Home’ live session.


SB Feature: https://starbeat.tv/artistic-ambition-awareness-amistat/

And one more for all of us who keep going back to our old habits – rapper Zalea with ‘Bad Habits’. They may be bad habits but it will get you in a good mood.


SB Feature: https://starbeat.tv/word-gang-w-zalea/

So listen to some new music and spring on everyone!

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