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Straight-Forward Problematic


SB (StarBeat): Congratulations Problematic! You had no problems landing on the StarBoard with a high note. Tell us a bit about your Indiana Jones ride, in 3rd person please…

PR (Problematic): He goes by the name of Problematic, also known as Greg Macdonald, an underground hip-hop artist as well as an entrepreneur. Currently residing in Charlottetown PEI, hometown of Truro, Nova Scotia. He is extremely dedicated about his craft and very passionate with what he does.




He started rapping at the age of 16 and knew this is what he was destined to do by the age of 17. Grew up listening to Pop Rock in his teen years with Hip Hop in the mix too. His influence’s ranged anywhere from Nickleback to Eminem and Tupac. His farther walked out of the picture when he was only four years old, left with a single mother to raise him. Greg also has two younger twin brother’s and a step father who was a very abusive man, which lead to a disturbing childhood.

Aside from music, he likes to travel, hit the gym, and interact with family and friends. Over the past nine months he has been steadily working on his upcoming debut album, which he identifies his best work to date by far. He will continue to reach out to as many fans as possible on his long journey to success. Big goals are accomplished in smaller steps.


SB: Biggie or Pac?

PR: Both artists definitely go down as some of the greatest in history, but I would have to choose Tupac in this match. As he was a true inspiration and I grew up listening to him in my childhood.


SB: Now we’ve got a problem! You just pissed off half the StarBeat’ers. The only way to diffuse this insurmountable tension is to sing a pop song by a female artist. Which one and explain your wardrobe and dance moves, to win them both?

PR: I would have to go with Adele “Hello”, while rocking my PJ’s. Sipping on my Tim’s coffee, notebook in my hand, and working on my high pitched vocals. Throwing in a little bit of smooth jazz contemporary as well.


SB: Yo, from the other side… What is the best piece of advice you’ve received – that you actually followed?

PR: Basically never give up no matter how hard times get there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You have to fight through those tough times to see the best days of your life. Hard work and dedication always pays off. Never quit pursuing what you love.


SB: What is the worst piece of advice you’ve received – that you actually followed?

PR: Back before I had any experience in marketing whatsoever, I was under the impression I had to spam everyone with my tracks, thinking that was going to get me exposure. When in reality, I had to come up with a strategic plan and learn how to market properly if I was ever going to make it big one day.


greg-macdonaldSB: You manage to sneak polar bears into your rhymes. Be honest, do you know anything about polar bears? Ever seen one? Could you argue a point with a biologist on one?

PR: To be honest I have never came in contact with a polar bear, unless the discovery channel counts! I know they like to hibernate and eat fish but it’s more of a Canadian thing eh? I’m not sure if I would argue a biologist in that topic, I think I’ll just stick to what I’m good at.


greg-macdonaldSB: Would you say you are officially addicted to Tim Hortons? You on their payroll & did you ever roll up the rim and win?

PR: I must say I’m completely hooked on their coffee! I rely heavily on it each and every day, without it I feel like a walking zombie. I think if I did work there I would officially become a caffeine addict. As for “roll up the rim” Tim Horton’s is the real winner, I win a chance to play again.


SB: You do rap battles? I challenge you to roast me, but please don’t burn me to a crisp.

PR: I haven’t done anything in regards to rap battles as of yet, but definitely would consider doing it in the near future. I’ll make sure you’re the first on my list!




SB: Alright! Let’s tick express… You into short-pant sports or long-pant sports?

PR: Next question please…


SB: OK, ground shipping it is… Problematic. Travel tonight. Pack light. 5-nights. Where & why?

PR: If I was to flee for 5 nights I would likely chose to go out West to visit Doom Squad just hangout and chill, spit some rhymes, likely shoot a music video with Kryple for my upcoming track off my debut album.


SB: You realize, we just blew your cover. Scratch that off. Dream Vacation. Where & why?

PR: If I got a chance to choose one dream vacation, I would have to go with Hawaii. Somewhere warm but yet a place to escape reality. I’d be under a palm tree while drinking refreshing alcoholic beverages. Although I’d still be spitting them bars, but hey, I do that everywhere I go!


SB: Thank you for breaking-in and repping the rappers on the East Coast. Any final shout-outs or philosophical ruminations?

PR: Lastly but most importantly I would like to send a huge shouts out to my fans, day one’s and new one’s as well, without you guys I would be nothing, the support has been absolutely amazing and I wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything. I would like to send another shouts out to my producer, Sonik, and to Leah Mchenry, my marketing teacher for giving me the ropes for everything I need to know in becoming a successful entrepreneur. And finally to my girlfriend for helping me with everything and supporting my dream every step of the way.

Thank you all!



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