Stuck on Singing w/ Ashley Pater

Today we are reconnecting with singer songwriter Ashley Pater to find out about how her music career has evolved, her new self-produced single (out now!) and read on for an exciting announcement about Top Talent Vancouver presented by StarBeat.  


SB (StarBeat): Catch Up: It’s been a little bit, but can you let us know what you’ve been up to the last couple of years since you earned 2nd place in our Top Talent Canada competition?

AP (Ashley Pater): I’m so grateful to be able to say that the past few years have been crazy busy! In 2019 alone, I performed over 105 shows with my largest audience being 100,000 people. I’ve released numerous projects, two of which are holding #5 and #9 on New Zealand radio charts. Some awards I’ve received would include IMTA Singer of the Year, IMTA Songwriter of the Year, a FVMA, 1st place XMAS Factor, 1st place in Close Look’s Got Talent, and I just recently received 7 nominations for the Red Carpet Awards in Holland. In October, I toured Eastern and Western Canada and will be going back on tour this May. Recently, I’ve been super busy with the release of my self-produced new single, “stuck on you” out today!! There are many projects surrounding this release that I cannot wait to share with you.  


Ashley Pater


SB: Change: We’ve watched you evolve a lot as an artist – is this planned out or a natural part of growing and learning?

AP: Overtime my style has changed due to the new music I’m being exposed to as well as the environments I am in. I started out as a folk/pop artist with country roots to a R&B artist pulling influences from funk, pop, alternative, and jazz. For the most part, my growth has been very natural although more recently when I realized the direction I wanted to go in, the transition is very strategic.


Ashley PaterSB: Fresh: We hear you have a new single ‘Stuck On You’ coming out today – can you tell us a bit about this song?

AP: Yes, “stuck on you” is available on all streaming and downloading platforms worldwide today! This tune is about the moment when you realize you’ve been stuck in a loop and find yourself falling into old habits or patterns. To be more specific, this song highlights the struggles of falling for the wrong person over and over again. All of those emotions that build up inside are beautifully presented in my brand new music video coming out on March 29th.


SB: Current: We are excited to announce that you are the first Celebrity Judge for our upcoming Top Talent Vancouver competition! Can you tell us and the competitors what you will be looking for in the entries?

AP: Thank you for inviting me as a Celebrity Judge! I’m looking for the full package. From song choice to stage presence/performance and everything in between. I should be able to feel what the artist is singing about and especially if they’re doing a cover, the artist should perform it like they wrote and experienced it.

Good luck to all the competitors!!


Ashley PaterSB: Pensive: Do you have any thoughts on the challenges and benefits of the current digital DIY music business?

AP: There is a lot to learn and personally I’ve gone through a huge learning curve due to COVID sparking the importance of online presence. Thankfully, information is literally at our fingertips! Interacting with your fans and constantly producing content online is essential as everyone is stuck at home and looking for new material. I’ve been loving all the creativity online, especially virtual collaborations whether that be on a song or acting reel.

I’ve been collaborating with artists and producers all over the world, from England, Nashville, Florida, Toronto, and many more. Even though everyone is waiting for live shows to return, online performance will forever live on to be a prominent part of our lives.


SB: Past: In the last interview you declared mint green as your favourite colour. Are you still on the mint bandwagon?

AP: I’m still hooked on the blues, but more specifically baby blue. Although, I still love Junior Mints!!


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