Surrounded by Music w/ Sunny Lukas


If there is such a thing as International Music then Sunny Lukas is the International Musician – he speaks multiple languages, has established himself in the Pop scene in Hong Kong, and now he is breaking in to the LA music world.


SB (StarBeat): Deets: How did you get your start in the music world?

SL (Sunny Lukas): I was always very interested in making my own music, so I did.

In September 2016, I released my first song and it did really well apparently, so I continued to write and produce more of my music and developing myself further as an artist.


SB: Messages: What are you looking to portray through your music?

SL: I look to convey a lot of who I am as a person through my music. I want my audience to listen to my music and be gobsmacked by not only how good the songs are, but also on how I deliver my messages.



SB: Global Village: Your music has a multi-cultural feel – do you think this is the way of the future as we are all more connected now?

SL: Of course! Being a global citizen really has a strong impact on my music. Since I have fans all over the world right now, it is very important to be more diverse in your music.


SB: Visionaries: Which artists have most influenced you?

SL: Honestly, Justin Bieber, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Shawn Mendes & Bazzi have really influenced me.


SB: Passport: Any travel plans for getting a new stamp in the passport?

SL: I’m always travelling!


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