Clear Act w/ Frankie Clarence

Let’s check in with Actor and Producer Frankie Clarence and find out how he approaches acting, how he managed to make 2020 humorous and what new projects are coming together now.   SB (StarBeat): Introduction: Who – What – When – Where – Why? FC (Frankie Clarence): My name is Frankie Clarence born to Malawian […]

Evolutions w/ Mark David Gosse

We got a chance to catch up with Actor Mark David Gosse who has now set up in Paris and is focused on evolving his acting career to the next level.   SB (StarBeat): Catch Up: We talked to you in 2017 when you were modelling and just starting out acting. What acting projects have […]

Video Fanatic w/ Sophie Michelle

Let’s check in with singer, dancer, actor Sophie Michelle who shares her life with the world on her YouTube channel ‘Sophie Michelle Says’. She chats with us about her new music, her fan base and the silliest thing she ever did for a video.   SB (StarBeat): Video Intro: You’ve got so much going on […]

Acting Up with Model Mark David Gosse

    StarBeat chats with this model from Denmark knocking on the door of the acting world in the USA.   SB (StarBeat): How did it all start, and why acting? MDG (Mark David Gosse): My interests have long been on the model world where I’ve been doing a lot of advertising work, but it […]

Rachel Cairns Gives Birth to a Web Series for ‘Mom and Me’

  What’s the best piece of advice your Mom ever gave you? Actor Rachel Cairns delves in to this with the web series ‘Mom and Me’ about a Mother and Daughter in search for love together.   SB (StarBeat): Initiation: What was the inspiration behind this series? RC (Rachel Cairns): Well, I got dumped, IRL. […]