Kris Abramovic

Kris Abramovic

Kris’s Story

When I was about 11 we lived near a school where there were lots of skateboarders to watch and learn from. I started out doing just the basic flat ground tricks then started doing some combinations and found it to be super fun. Rodney Mullen in pro skater and Chris Chan really caught my attention and gave me the desire to get more into freestyle. As I progressed I knew that skateboarding would top any sport that I was pursuing.

My other Hobbies include: tennis, hiking, playing drums and taking road trips. A buddy and myself jumped in the car two years ago and drove to LA, California to check out the skateparks. We are already planning another road trip this summer to skate some parks in the interior of British Columbia and on Vancouver Island. I had registered last year to be in the World Round-Up but had an accident and had to withdraw, so I have been trying to practice between 1 to 2 hours a day to get back in shape for this years contest. I currently work in the construction field but plan to go back to school in the summer and take classes in Health Care. Looking forward to the Round-Up and being able to see the variety of interesting tricks skaters can do. I had a great time last year skating to the music with the rest of the gang.



2016 World Freestyle Round-Up: 11th Place Amateur
2015 Coastal Riders Contest: 2nd Place Amateur
2015 Hippie Mikes Super Tour at Chuck Bailey Skatepark: 6th Place Amateur

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