The Good Notes w/ Adam Ambrose


Putting your music out into the world can be daunting, but singer songwriter Adam Ambrose took that first step and found an audience online and continues to expand with his thoughtful, message filled songs.  Let’s find out more about his journey so far.


SB (StarBeat): Quick Bio: How did you get started in music?

AA (Adam Ambrose): I first got started around four to five years ago, but honestly it is kinda hard to pinpoint when. My songs first started as poetry to understand my thoughts and feelings, because at the time I needed something to help me distract myself. My poems soon turned into songs after picking up a guitar and learning how to play and sing through YouTube. My songs have always acted as a form of therapy for if I had a bad situation or an emotion I couldn’t understand music helped me remove that feeling from myself. My songs all hold different parts of me and different ideas I have come to learn throughout my life. Music is something I speak to that is unbiased and just listens. Music has always understood me and allows me to discover myself.


Adam Ambrose


SB: Let Go: What’s it like to release your very first music out into the world?

AA: Personally, it’s exciting, terrifying, and relieving all at the same time. I put so much of myself into releases that I always hope for some form of success, but I know that unrealistic expectations will only lead me to be down on myself. I have this fear that I won’t be the big artist I see in my head, but I also know that whatever I have done is worth it. The release can also be exciting because you don’t really know what’s gonna happen, it’s kinda like entering a contest and winning a million dollars. Releasing is a fun process, but I will say that over the years of doing it you have to get a realistic view about it. The world’s view on you will be unpredictable and you can’t force success, but you can only work towards it.


Adam AmbroseSB: Digital Age: You racked up a lot of Spotify streams pretty early on – what are your thoughts on this new digital music world?

AA: I think the new digital age for upcoming artists is a blessing as it allows people like myself to get a fanbase without a big record label. However, it does mean that you have to learn to stand out and learn the tools that will get you there. The digital age of music feels fair because you can learn tools to get you to the platform you want to be at, however you have to gain the ambition to do that and know it comes with pitfalls. Instagram, Facebook, and the data you get from your songs and your posts can heavily affect your mental health depending on the relationship you have with it. I know personally that I get down if my songs don’t have the same success as the songs that came before it. You need to remove yourself from the numbers and only see them to help you market yourself if you want a healthy career with the digital age.


SB: Mood Board: Where do you get inspiration for your lyrics and music from?

AA: My lyrics are inspired by a lot of things as my songs mostly come from my every day. The common themes in my writing stem from the psychology degree I am working on, my personal experience, and a lot of the artists I have listened to. I will say that I am heavily influenced by Alec Benjamin, Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, and Jack Johnson as they all focus on messages and telling emotional stories in their songs. Emotional songs is where I live and it helps me understand my own human condition, so it’s where I love to write.


SB: History Lesson: What was the first concert you went to?

AA: I don’t really remember my first concert as I have gone to around 60 to 70 in my life. I will say the one that impacted me the most was seeing Ed Sheeran in concert. It inspired me to go after my dreams as he was just one guy playing to so many, so I wanted to be that guy as well.


SB: Next Steps: Where will your music be taking you next?

AA: I am not sure where my music will take me, but I know it will help me to understand myself alot better. I want my music to help others who suffer from the same troubles that I face. I am hoping my next EP will do this, but I also hope music takes me to a place where I am able to make a difference bigger than myself. I do want success from it, but at the end of the day I know music helped me find a happy life so I hope I can do that for others!

Check out Adam’s new single ‘Breathe’ out soon!


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