The Official Winner of the Philippines Contest is…

This was an open category contest. We had to go to the points recount to verify the integrity of all scores and ensure fairness for all our contestants.


The official winner is Nazarina Jose with her DIY Felt Floral Afro Video.
Nazarene Jose


Nazarina wins our inaugural Top Talent in the Philippines Title and
takes home the P50,000 Prize!


Congratulations Nazarina on behalf of StarBeat, this was well deserved.


Ruth Anna Mendoza came out with a super strong performance, so we decided to issue a second prize for this contest.

Ruth is awarded P10,000 and we will be actively watching her progress as she develops her craft.
Thank you all our Contestants and the StarBeat Community for participating in our first Top Talent in the Philippines StarBeat online talent competition.
Very impressive!
You have some marvelous talent and we hope that you enjoyed this online talent show, as much as we did.
(We’ll be back in 2017. Keep in touch!)
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