The winner of our first ever StarBeat Talent Competition is… Allison Macdonald!

Congrats Allison,

Whew, that was close! You scored 412.8K points to grab 1st place and what a battle to the finish that was.
This was an open category contest, and here is Allison’s winning dance performance:
Congrats again Allison on your amazing talent and we hope to see more from you in the near future!
The runner-up, an original piece “One Foot In” by Issah Contractor, Brent Mah and Peter Fraser came in a very close second: with 398.1K Points. We had to go back to the server logs for an official recount as things got pretty crazy in the last 20 mins of our midnight deadline. (Next time, we’ll wrap at 9pm!)
Our team decided to toss in a $250 Prize – not just for the amazing work, but the leaderboard ping-ponging that kept everyone glued to the standings. We were getting messages 2 hours after the event, hence next time, we’re wrapping this at 9pm.
Congrats Issah & Co. this is well deserved.

Here is Issah’s vid: 

Thank you all for being a part of this mini launch! We’re working on some really big stuff, but we won’t tell you what it is. We’ll just do it.
In the meanwhile, we are brewing some new contest ideas, so keep posted in the next few days when we reveal the next challenge.
StarBeat Team
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