Their Own Way w/ In The City


Let’s chat with this Canadian song-writing duo who came together four years ago in the alternative pop world. He is a little bit rock and roll, and she’s a grounding folk base and together they become greater than the sum of their parts doing things their own way.



SB (StarBeat): Quick Intro: Pick Two – Who, What, When, Where, Why?

ITC (In The City):
Who: Ashley Jane & Timon Wientzek
Where: Toronto, Canada


SB: Combination: Are you stronger as a duo than you might be as solo acts?

ITC: We’re stronger as a duo!

It’s so exciting to collaborate, combine ideas and create music we would never be able to individually.


SB: Style: Your new single ‘Every Single Day’ has a different feel than previous music, how did that come about?

ITC:  “Every Single Day” is about life after loss. Following the passing of Ashley’s mom from cancer, we rewrote some of the lyrics to better reflect her father’s perspective – what it’s like to live alone in the house you shared with your life partner.


SB: Mapping: Where do you see your music taking you in the future?

ITC: First and foremost we hope that our music continues to resonate with listeners! We also hope to continue to grow as musicians and creators by pushing our sound and playing to bigger audiences.


SB: Off Duty: What are some things each of you tried to fit in to ‘Every Single Day’?

ITC: We wandered the earth for this song arrangement wise and kept coming back to the piano.

It captured the feeling of this song immediately. We then added strings and lap-steel in the second verse as it added a emotional layer to the music.


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