Top Talent in Canada News: Week 2 Update

What an interesting week that was. Sir Skitzo barged in and torched our all time high, stretching the lead to new record heights. As we saw, anything can happen in a matter of hours and now we are already half way through our Canadian competition.
Sir Skitzo scoops the $50 for the Week 2 lead and another $50 for dethroning the previous Champ’s all time points record. Week 3, shall we start a tab Sir?

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  Week 2 Highlights (Feb 14, 2017)  


Week 2 Leader: Sir Skitzo
BONUS: $50 Lead + $50 Boss Dethrone
  • Sir Skitzo = Sir Chase Halverson
  • He is from Ear Falls, Ontario
  • Don’t fall for his tricks on Omegle
  • Warning: THE NEW BOSS employs the full facility of the English language


Interesting Bits:


StarBoard Dozen
  • On the left are Top 12 Leaders on Feb 14
  • We have 36 submissions in our 2nd week
  • More action across all provinces
  • New contenders are popping up quickly
  • Sorry for the outage last week guys, we have now upgraded our servers
  • The StarBoard is live – keep checking in!
Meet our NEW BOSS!
NEW StarBeat Record: 27.6M Points
(in 1 Week + All Time Record)
  • Chase doesn’t like to chase, no messing around
  • He came – he conquered
  • Just look at that face, pure rap hustler
  • World Advisory: mad skills, spits fire, engage at your own risk, be prepared to get torched
Catch him if you can!
Anyone? (We dare You!)


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