Top Talent in Canada News: Week 3 Update

Week 3 is behind us and Sir Skitzo is still leading the pack, in a major way. Sir Skitzo scoops another $50 weekly checkpoint bonus, so our tab is now +$150.
We had some heated action in the 2nd and 3rd place. Candace Marie (1.588M Pts) narrowly edged outChelsie Young (1.533M Pts) for the 2nd, which is only a 55,000 spread – or just a 3% difference separating the 2nd from 3rd. That was on Feb 22nd at 7pm PST.
FLASH UPDATE: At the time of this writing (Feb 22 9am PST) Chelsie is narrowly back on top – so watch the leaderboards as the action unfolds.

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StarBoard Standings are mini-leaderboards all over our site.


All Canadian Contestants, (expanded view) are sorted by present top scores:


Note that individual stats are listed under the audience rating modules.

We are entering the last stage of the competition, Week 4 – the race into the end zone. Sir Skitzo is in a huge lead, but is it too early for the celebration dance?

  Week 3 Highlights (Feb 21, 2017)  


Week 3 Leader: Sir Skitzo
BONUS: $50 Week 3 Checkpoint
  • Sir Skitzo has secured 3.176 votes, with 87% average rating for a total of 27.7 million StarBeat points
  • He’s from Ear Falls, ON – a smack centre of Canada
  • So far, Chase has earned $150 in Bonuses for leading our weekly contest checkpoints & being the record score holder
  • He’s got tons of awesome stuff on his YouTube channel


Interesting Bits:


 StarBoard Dozen
  • On the left are Top 12 Leaders on Feb 21
  • We have 85 contestants from all over the country
  • We have a tight pack in the competition for the runner-up prizes
  • Candace Marie and Chelsie Young are rocking the ranks
  • Top 6 are eligible for cash prizes – more info here
  • The StarBoard is live – keep checking in!
  • The Finals: Feb 28 – 10am EST / 7pm PST
NEW StarBeat Record: 27.7M Points
(in 2 Weeks + All Time Record)
  • Will Chase’s record score hold up in 2017?
  • Sir Skitzo is eligible for the International StarBeat Talent of the Year Award – awarding top global talent at the end of the year
  • We’re going international – and SirSkitzo + other notable talent will be invited to represent Canada
  • Stay tuned and let’s see if SirSkitzo’s dominant lead is enough to take the Title on Feb 28th
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