The Ultimate Skateboarder 1: Rules


Contest Rules

This contest is open to all worldwide freestyle (flatground) skateboarders. 

Here are the Official Contest Rules and Regulations.


Key Details

This is an international online contest arena.

One video submission/entry per contestant.

Compile and submit your best highlights: >60-second entries will qualify for scoring! The expert judges are guaranteed to watch the first 60 seconds (if you submit 10 min vids).

Optimal showcase videos are between 2-3 mins.

Contest Validity: In case of misuse/abuse, The World Round Up & StarBeat reserve the rights to suspend or modify this contest at their sole discretion.


Official Results

We will audit all scoring and announce the Top 10 Official Winners on August 17th, 2017.



Cheaters get penalized, so for every one we catch, penalty points are tripled.

Downvoting your opponents sticks out like a sore thumb (against overall audience averages). 

Fake accounts will be deleted & penalty points (from above) will apply.

As part of the StarBeat community, if you choose to vote and bail, that’s not a problem – but be aware that overall scores are based on your overall activity, contributions & time actively spent on the site.

The most active contributors, that help the community, will get point multipliers.

And remember: the Peer Stage 2 Voting. If you manage to squeeze by and eliminate contenders in Stage 1 on invalid tactics, they get to decide who moves onto the final round.

We want the Best of the Best! They deserve the best chance, and it’s the best thing for the sport.


Amazing Performers Rule on StarBeat!

Let’s embrace the best & hardest working talents – they deserve a big break!

Share this and let’s help them get discovered, together!


Let's Share!

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Official Accounts: @StarBeatTalent (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)

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