The Ultimate Skateboarder – Week 3 Update


Week 3 Action – Shakin’ it Up!

Hey Contestants: Important Update!

We just decided to make things more interesting as we enter the last stretch.

Originally, Top 30 qualified to Round 2 and we presently have 32 contestants. So we’ll shake it up just a bit and tighten the Round 1 to Top 20 Qualifiers.

However, since we just made this decision today, we will extend the contest by 1 week. Round 1 will end on August 8th – midnight UTC.

Top 20 Highest Points Earners will move onto Round 2 – and every participating contestant is eligible to vote as a guest judge.

The $5,000+ Prize purse remains unchanged – and if anything, it can only go up.

We’re working with some new sponsors in this pilot Episode 1 of The Ultimate Skateboarder. 


Let’s give some shout-outs to Powell Peralta!!!

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The World of Freestyle Update

You’ve unlocked 15 countries on 5 continents! 

Check it out:

Unlock Your Countries: Let’s put freestyle onto a global spotlight and shine on even more purple lights. 



Week 2 Snapshot

United States9


Round 1 – Daily Voting

Audience qualifiers will go until Aug 8th Midnight UTC – 1 vote per day / the rating card resets midnight UTC.



Here are some Hot New Tips:

Here are some cool articles:

10 ways to increase your social media engagement like never before

5 Ways to Connect with Your Audience Emotionally to Drive More Engagement


Foe even more ideas: Here are some Crispy Leftovers:

Address Your Audience: When using social, the more personally you express yourself – the more resonant the message. Check out 

Ideas: Check out and how top world stars use social media to address the audience. The art of promo will stay with you long after this contest is done!

Example: This really works: This is a brilliant 30-sec example of one our previous winners. Total mastery at play!

Check out Sir Skitzo’s channels and you’ll probably love his chops.
Parental Advisory: Sir Skitzo employs full facility of the English language. It’s not work safe… BTW you watchin’ vids at work!?!

Need more details & ideas how to promo, here you go:

Daily Voting: Vote for any video once per day. Depending on what time zone you are in (it may not reset at midnight), but as long as the ratings slider bar has reset to 50 (mid-point) when you are logged in you can vote for that video again! We’ll produce some media for this as well, but this is just a quick tip for now, a preview so you know what to look for.

Stage 1 Reminder: Top 20 goes to the next round and we’ve got 32 entries so far. Keep an eye on this visual Q1 leaderboard: and make sure you’re on that list. 

Official Contest Social Tag: #UltSk8Br & we’ll repost, retweet, every chance we get!

Ideas for links that you can share: your profile page, your contest page, leaderboard, map, our intro announcement on StarBeat channels… be creative and have FUN!!! Make it easy for your subscribers to see your stuff with a single click, so paste the web addresses (URL’s from the adress/search bar) in your posts. Idea: Put up a banner on your social profile, creativity matters – and check out what your peers are up to (subscribe to them too). Ultimately, we want everyone to learn some lasting promo skills during this contest.

Released in Week 1: Exciting new map feature for this contest – to find out how big of a virtual skateboarding arena we can make together. Tip: If you don’t see your country colored in yet, be the first one to enter and you will unlock your country for the contest! Check it out:

Translations: look for the Flags on top right of the contest news central and if you need some more help in the virtual contest arena on the bottom left (Google Translate). We’ll help any way we can if you have additional inquiries, tips, ideas, suggestions. Contact us anytime!

More Help & Tips: Check out this dedicated section and we’ll be posting more stuff as we go, so keep checking in:


Feature Update: A New Store!!!

Our marketplace just went live and guess what?… We’ve got awesome skateboarding goodies in the store. You know what to do!


And one last thing:



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