Video Fanatic w/ Sophie Michelle

Let’s check in with singer, dancer, actor Sophie Michelle who shares her life with the world on her YouTube channel ‘Sophie Michelle Says’. She chats with us about her new music, her fan base and the silliest thing she ever did for a video.


SB (StarBeat): Video Intro: You’ve got so much going on these days, could you describe a day in the life of Sophie Michelle?

SMS (Sophie Michelle Says): Yes! It’s been a little crazy! Lol but I love being busy. I usually wake up around 7:30 am, do some school on my laptop (online school) while I’m having a bowl of cereal, around 11:30 am I get ready for my day (shower, makeup, hair).  Depending on the day I will be producing or filming a video, taking pictures for Instagram or doing TikToks. I also have to memorize my scripts for my auditions, which is super fun. I love acting and being able to be different characters is so exciting for me. Around 12:30 I have lunch and in the afternoons I’ll edit my YouTube videos, which can take up to a few hours depending on the video. I also have acting and singing lessons in the afternoon. This is an average day in my life. I love being productive, it’s a great feeling to go to bed knowing that you have accomplished your goals for the day.


Sophie MichelleSB: Top Pick: What are some of your favorite products you’d need to share with your audience?

SMS: I’ve been trying different skin products like face wash and toner, to avoid acne and breakouts. Lately, I’ve been using the Glossier line of skincare and I really like it.


SB: Music Sheet: We love your new single, “Imperfectly Perfect” – can you tell us about the inspiration for the song?

SMS: Imperfectly Perfect is a very special song for me for many reasons. First because it’s my very first single I’ve ever written and it has such a deep meaning because it connects me with my Sophienatics, what I went through being bullied at school while I was beginning my YouTube channel and a lot of my fans went through very similar bullying situations. The song has a very positive message of self love, self acceptance and following your dreams.


Sophie MichelleSB: Group Chat: How did you come up with the term Sophienatics and what is your main message to them?

SMS: The Sophienatics name happened when my mom and I were talking about my fan pages on Instagram. They’re so talented and dedicated, they make amazing photo and video edits. I’m so lucky to have them in my life. My main message to my Sophienatics is to be who you are, never change to please somebody, you’re special and unique and follow your dreams.


SB: Bloopers: What’s the silliest thing you have ever done for a video?

SMS: Haha, I have done a lot of crazy challenges on my YouTube channel, like sleeping in an empty bathtub and being handcuffed for 24 hours, but the silliest thing was definitely pouring anchovies on my head which I did on a eat it or wear it challenge. My hair had a fishy smell for a couple of days.


SB: Next Page: What exciting things are coming up for you?

SMS: Lots of cool and exciting thing coming soon. I have some musical collaborations and I can’t wait to show you guys some of my new music.  I know you guys are going to love it.  


Sophie MichelleSophie Michelle on Social: 

Snapchat: sophiemsays


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