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Today we are going behind the lens to chat with Dan Gooda – a Canadian video producer – about his new project with artist Zalea. Let’s find out what goes in to making a music video is these visual days.


SB (StarBeat): Starting: What was the inspiration for the Zalea ‘Reverse ii’ music video?

DG (Dan Gooda): As to the real life based storyline, I will let Zalea discuss that further if she wants to. We came up with the storyboard for the song throughout long planning back and forth sessions, to eventually paint the picture we aimed for. The story is an ongoing relationship between two girls, while one of them explores new relationships, the other doesn’t and is stuck with the memories. This video is part 3 of a 3 part series with an ongoing story line. This video showcases a summer long relationship, with good memories and bad.


Dan Gooda


SB: Continuity: The ongoing storyline, shots and the effects used seem to flow perfectly: Do you want to speak a bit about that?

DG: The plan for a majority of my work is the aim for ongoing continuity. In a project like this, where we are telling a particular storyline that connects to both the song and the person. It is definitely on purpose to blend everything together in this form. With the Drone to Record shot transition, we knew going into it that ideally we would use the hole in the centre of the record as the transition from the last shot, a planned panning back shot.

The song and video are both relatable for anyone who has either been through a love connection disrupted, or grew up in a small town and had a tricky relationship.


Dan Gooda


SB: The Feel: This video has a very strong look. Colour wise, lighting wise, and in general feel. Who are some of your inspirations as a filmmaker?

DG: That is a very long answer, but music video director wise: I am and always have been a huge fan of Ryan Lewis. He is mainly known for his music, but the fact remains the work he does and has done for Macklemore is astounding. He is truly an inspiration, and I love his work. There are so many amazing music video directors, to name a few: Rex Arrow, Dexter Navy, Justin Fleischer and so many more.


SB: Upcoming: Do you plan to work with Zalea again in the future?

DG: Yes, we definitely have a few plans. I will keep quiet about those until we are a bit further down the line, but definitely more in store.

Dan GoodaVideo Credits:
Zalea: As Herself
Pitchboi: As Himself
Bride / Love Interest: Laura MacPherson
Groom: Cody Flynn
Bridesmaid 1: Madeline Tuffin
Bridesmaid 2: Mikayla Evans
Groomsmen: Alec Chase
Wedding Pastor: Levi Gabriel
Party Girl 1: Bie Foster
Party Girl 2: Emma Pocetti
Party Girl 3: Morgan Morneau
Party Guy 1: Victor Rossetti
Party Guy 2: Jerry Hunt
Party Guy 3: Jonah Rivers

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