Volkan Can Canbolat: Have Violin Will Travel, Turkey to USA




StarBeat is excited to talk with a talented violinist who is modernizing the classical instrument for today’s age.


SB (StarBeat): Let’s do a quick bio – Where are you from, where are you living now, do you have a day job etc.?

VCC (Volkan Can Canbolat):  I am originally from Izmir, Turkey. I moved to Minnestoa when I was 20 years old to obtain my Masters and Doctorate degrees in violin performance. Currently, I am living in Los Angeles.  I teach violin at the renowned Colburn School and also play with amazing artists and for TV shows and movie soundtracks.


Volkan Can CanbolatSB: Stick with it: Many kids pick up and play an instrument but don’t keep up with it. When did you realize you were serious about the violin?

VCC: I have been playing the violin for 18 years now and I have never been “serious” about it. I have actually used it to escape from that serious world out there. Also the teacher & student relationship in the classical music world is very much like Jedi & Padawan relationship.

I always wanted to be the best student to my teacher growing up, and next thing I knew, I was a violinist.


SB: The Classics: How do you see classic instruments and music fitting in with the modern world?

VCC: It’s a challenge that classical musicians and orchestras are facing these days. Classical music has more than 500 years of history. And pop music is what is popular now. As classical artists, somehow we have to find the middle ground in between the two genres to recruit new/younger audiences. That’s why you see so many great classical musicians doing covers of pop songs or orchestras giving moving soundtrack concerts.


Volkan Can Canbolat


SB: Video Star: What an amazing video, can you tell us a bit more about that experience?

VCC: It was absolutely a blessing to work with Oscar winner cinematographer Claudio Miranda. He shot movies such as Life Of Pi, Oblivion, Benjamin Button and here he was directing and shooting our video. I learned so much from him.

Fun fact about the video is that the second violinist, Sofia, is also my student. It was such a proud moment to see her as a professional on the set. This little girl who walked into my office four year ago and now was playing with me as my colleague and doing a great job. Still gives me the goose bumps.


Volkan Can CanbolatSB: Name Dropper: Have you had the chance to perform with singers or other artists? Any dream collaborations you aspire to?


VCC: The greatest thing about living in LA is that you get to play with so many great musicians. I was fortunate enough to play for Andrea Bocelli, Nicole Scherzanger, David Foster and The Voice in the three years I lived in LA.



SB: To The Future: Any cool new projects in the works? 


VCC:  I’m currently working on a secret project with Matt Mackey III that is being produced by Tim Schlattmann the executive producer of the  legendary TV show “Dexter.” Super excited about it! 



Volkan’s Social Links:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/volkantheviolinist/
YouTube: https://youtu.be/gA33WWYoKHM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/volkan915/


Volkan Can Canbolat




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