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Winning Beats: Checking in with Beatboxer Binibining Beats



SB (StarBeat): First off, Congratulations on winning StarBeat’s Top Talent in the Philippines 2017 contest! Here’s your chance for your acceptance speech!

BB (Binibining Beats): Thank you Starbeat for the awesome opportunity! I still can’t believe that I’m Starbeat.tv’s “Top Talent in the Philippines 2017” winner! All thanks to God for this talent and blessing! And of course to my family, friends and fans who supported me all the way! My deepest gratitude! I love you! B-t-b-Kch! ❤️❤️❤️


Binibining Beats


SB: How did you come to discover your talent in Beatboxing, does it start by just talking really fast?

BB: Actually the story goes on like this…(Way back in 2011) Me and my friends were playing DOTA in an internet café, when one of my friends (Al-rass) started dropping some sick beats out of nowhere! I was amazed because I didn’t know that he had that kind of talent. I literally begged him to teach me.

He started teaching me basic beats which was … trust me it didn’t feel anything like basic at all. My spit was all over the place and my face looked weird making all the sounds (it still does). It was a total mess! But yeah I guess you could also start by talking real fast. Like, others would just repeatedly say “boots-and-cats-and”. 😂  Haha! I bet you guys just tried that one.


Binibining BeatsSB: Confession: Have you every used your sound effects as a distraction or to confuse people in public?

BB: I have this friend that I pulled a prank on. I made a ripping sound while holding his money.  😂 His face was hilarious.


SB: Dream Time: Are there any artists or beatboxers you would love to perform with?

BB: Yes! 😱 Reepsone is my all time favorite beatboxer. He was my inspiration when I started  beatboxing and will always be. A performance with him would be my greatest achievement in my beatboxing career! <3


SB: Squad: Are you working on any collaborations now?

BB: Yes, actually I have a new group called WUT (We don’t Usually do This). Our group is composed of beatboxers, rappers and singers. Our songs are mostly in tagalog, but we also have songs in other dialects (chavacano, tausug and bisaya).

Each of us differ in our religion and ethnicity, but we want to show our unity through our music. We are currently making a tribute song for our brothers and sisters here in Mindanao (currently on Martial Law), especially in Marawi where they’re experiencing war right now. God bless us all.


SB: Instagram Spying: Seeing a lot of food pics, what is your favourite meal?

BB: Wow, haha. You guys have been stalking me. Hmmm my favourite would be… MIE-GORENG! I absolutely love it! Fact: I can eat a whole platter of mie-goreng by myself. I’m actually craving for it right now. 😩😩😩


Binibining Beats


SB: Escape: You have a private jet for your use and it will stop in 2 places – where are you going?

BB: Deep inside, I still dream of going to Disney Land…😂  I love adventures and fantasies so it would be the perfect place! I want to challenge myself to try all their rides… Haha! That would definitely be epic. Second, I want to stop by Tokyo, Japan. I want a taste of their rich culture! But mostly their cuisines. 😂

Binibining BeatsSB:
Any Final Shout-outs?

BB: Actually there are too many people to list, but I took the time to do it anyway! I could have never achieved this without my Mom, Papa, Seanix, Dingle, Bez 3z, Kuya Benhal, Tita K, Bryan, Kim, Joh Lytton, Kuya Gammo, Chuchung, Monabells, Panini, Jay Son, Joh Bensor, Kirby, Valain, Pring Pring, Sam, lhangga, my cousins from Ventura/Foncardas/Marcos family, Grace, Matt-Matt, Joshua, Ahmad, WUT, True Family Dance Community, Fourtwenty Crew, Master Empoy (Lasa Sweeit, Bebe Chin, Bebe Deadz), Mercedes Boys, Body Critical, Phantom Crew, Philippine National Police, Philippine Airforce, Microphone Mechanics, El Boca de Zamboanga, Latter-Day Saints, LBC, UZ, WMSU, ZCHS Main, PHBA, my Facebook friends and YouTube subscribers! Thank you!


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