Generative AI-Powered NFT Marketplace Solution Built On Polygon

Intuz brings together AI and Blockchain technology power to the world of NFT, enabling digital artists to create AI-driven NFT arts, discover, sell, re-sell, and display unique NFTs hassle-free.

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Intuz Development & Consulting

  • Blockchain consulting
  • UI/UX design & application development
  • Polygon implementation
  • Smart Contract development
  • Custom Wallet creation & implementation
  • IPFS Storage with AWS deployment
  • AI Consultation

About the Project

During the early NFT boom, a client from Europe approached Intuz to build a one-of-a-kind NFT Minting App wherein users can upload their art and mint it to the NFT store without getting into the struggle of crypto wallet creation and the manual minting process.

Now, the product is in the mature stage, having feature-rich AI-powered iOS and Android Mobile applications to create an AI-based Art and an NFT Marketplace where one can buy, sell, showcase, and discover NFTs. During the process, we helped the client choose the right blockchain platform, build the custom crypto wallet, set up the smart contract, and beyond.

We prioritized not only creativity and innovation but also security, storage, transparency, and seamless transactions. Our comprehensive approach encompassed intuitive design, a user-friendly approach, cutting-edge tools, and technology.

Enabling artists to focus solely on creativity while admin handling technical aspects like NFT art listing and minting. Hassle-free solution for artistic expression.

Generate Stunning AI Art

Generate Stunning AI Art With Text-to-image Functionality

AI’s omnipresence extended to the NFT Project. The Intuz team implemented OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 API into the app, which offers a remarkable experience for artists and art enthusiasts. 

AI brings your words to life by transforming the text into mind-blowing visual masterpieces. Simply enter your prompt, i.e., write your text and describe it, and you’re all set with your art. The platform also gives custom options to choose the art style, type, artist, and more filters to design the way you wish. 

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned artist, the platform offers a seamless experience with free and pro subscription features, either to get started or to reach the advanced level to generate your AI art.

Global 'Graphic & Design

The App Tops Global 'Graphic & Design' Rankings

The mobile app is flooded with extravagant features for NFT creators and collectors, both. One can upload either AI-generated art or their own Audio, Video, or Image art from their gallery. 

Artists can purchase NFT credits that can be directly used for minting. Therefore, artists save resources and time for currency conversions, adding the balance into the wallet, and a lot more. 

The App Dashboard resembles Instagram, allowing one to explore the recently minted arts, explore popular artists, discover NFTs, etc. just at the fingertip through the mobile app.

NFT Marketplace Store

NFT Marketplace Store To Discover, Showcase, Sell & Re-sell Unique Arts

This NFT app is nonetheless a digital heaven for the creators. One can discover the vast collection of unique art pieces, explore beyond the discovery and add the arts into their pockets. A well-designed platform to develop a community of artists that enables them to connect, collaborate, and grow together. 

This has been empowered with a vibrant, live, and interactive user interface, design navigation, and simplified features in order to keep the users engaged and more active, keeping in mind the target audience.  Creativity and Security is the major concerns for AI artists, and we have safeguarded them by incorporating the best-in-class polygon blockchain platform, cloud technology, a customized wallet, and more.

Focus On Creative Art

Focus On Creative Art, Let The App Do The Promotion

The artist can put their creative art at the forefront while leaving the promotion to the app owner. The platform offers a variety of interactive and engaging options to be in the eyes of the people. 

One can feature their art based on the number of views, likes, and trades. This can also lead them to be in the specific category of “leaderboard” by becoming a popular artist, or the artist with the most followers. 

Users have a public profile to display art, achievements, and social handles to get recognized - all on the go.

NFT Store With  Custom Wallet

Elevating NFT Store With Custom Wallet & Third-Party Integration

The NFT app and marketplace store has made super-strong with multiple third party integration to make it secure, seamless and transparent. 

Alchemy and Web3.js has been utilized to enable the proper interaction with blockchain technology whereas OpenAI’s Dalle.2 API is used to enable AI-based generative art system. The error-free NFT solution is ensured with Sentry to get the real-time tracking, find and fix error to bring stability and reliability. 

The team has developed a custom wallet that works with private key or secret phase, one can import the wallet as well - offering quick and hassle-free as well as secure transactions.

Technical Specifications

Next js

Next JS



Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS



MUI Components

MUI Components





Express JS

Express JS

Sequelize ORM

Sequelize ORM

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